Why Yoga For Our Youth?

Making the decision to enroll your child in yoga is more than investing in another “activity”

Why Yoga For Our Youth?

Making the decision to enroll your child in yoga is more than investing in another “activity”.  Our world is certainly not getting any simpler and yoga allows our children the opportunity to look inward and become more aware of their feelings.  Through our practice, students will develop skills to better self-regulate.  Simple breathing and movement exercises have the ability to completely shift how our other body systems are functioning.  Our goal over time is for students to not consciously think about using their yoga breath or poses, but rather have those skills woven into the neural pathways of their brains.  The breath and movement will be a part of their life and ultimately create more happiness for themselves and others.

The important benefit of working with our youth is that their brains are very “moldable”.  Neural connections are not as strong and still forming at a rapid pace.  This is the perfect time to put in place good habits to support stress, anxiety, emotional awareness and regulation.  The older we get, the stronger our neural pathways are and changing the way we think takes time and practice.

What would a group of children that have practiced yoga together since the age of 3 look like at age 15?  Would they be better able to handle life’s stresses?  Would they have a stronger sense of self and confidence?  Would they treat others with kindness and an open-mind?  Current scientific research in the field of yoga is saying “yes” to all of these questions.

The social and emotional support that yoga and mindfulness provides for our children is a very important component to educating the whole child.  Riverstone Yoga’s Youth Program is here to provide families with the tools they need to raise happy and healthy children.

Each of our children’s yoga classes is a small group to ensure an effective student to teacher ratio.  Classes will also include resources and strategies to support and encourage yoga at home.  Our teachers plan each class with the specific student group in mind and will adjust the curriculum as needed.  Our goal is that every yogi steps away from their mat stronger and happier.

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