Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

April 25, 2020
Stephanie Gould & Karin Reetz

Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing

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Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing to awaken spring energy and bring balance to the body, spirit and the mind in Kapha season.

This workshop will include guided meditation, yoga asana, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and sound therapy. Stephanie Petrillo Gould will lead the meditation and yoga segments and they will be accompanied by
Sound Healing and Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls played by Sound Healer, Karin Reetz. Sound Healing has been scientifically proven to lower stress and increase a sense of well-being. Sound Healing helps with pain management, addiction, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.Karin Reetz is a professional sound healer with the International Academy of Sound Healing. She is also a Reiki Master and a Magdalena Energy Healing Practitioner. To find out more feel free to check out her website at

Stephanie Petrillo Gould is certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a IAYT yoga therapist. Her web site is

The workshop will run from 4-6 pm and will leave you feeling renewed and restored.

Cost: $55

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