COVID-19 Trauma and Yoga Unite - Finding Peace Amidst Turmoil

May 16, 2020
Jennifer M.

COVID-19 Trauma and Yoga Unite - Finding Peace Amidst Turmoil

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Jen is a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher through Hala Khouri co-founder of Off the Mat into the World and through Elisha Simpson's Crossover Yoga Project. Currently, her work focuses on helping students better manage and cope with trauma, grief and anxiety. Through using different elements of Yoga including Asana (Vinyasa style, physical somatic movement), Philosophy (mind), Pranayama (breath/spirit), students are aided in processing the unprecedented changes in the world now. This approach to the practice is designed to complement other therapeutic modalities you may be pursuing by tapping into and connecting to the body differently and safely.

Trauma sensitive Yoga is especially meaningful now during this time of COVID-19, as mental health professionals have reported a surge in fear, anxiety, complex PTSD, and many more health conditions. Each workshop begins with a discussion on what trauma means and how it is unique in regards to COVID-19. In our sessions we will internally explore where and how we individually experience tension within the body. From this place, we use the breath to inform the movement. Through self inquiry we start to change our thoughts and reactions in areas where we feel out of alignment or control. As we are all here for the same primary purpose of healing, please know that we are a safe sharing space and personal information will not be divulged to others.I am honored to walk breath to breath and movement to movement with you in healing. Together we can! Together we shall rise! I believe in you!


$20/session or $55 for all 3

Weekly Themes:

1. Tension and Freedom

2. Powerless and Empowered

3. Resilient and Rising

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