Nasya started exploring the world of yoga during her freshman year of college, trying to adjust to this newfound independence and the pressures of finding somewhere to belong. After her first class, her internal fire was stoked and the love affair began. She began a consistent practice, dedicated all her time to her local yoga studio and built a relationship with herself - filling up with self love + acceptance.  Once she found her voice, she decided she wanted to share that message with others and provide them the tools to find their own. 

Nasya is, first and foremost, a lifelong student and 500 hour RYT with an Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Therapeutics background. She has received her training in Ashtanga at Pure Yoga NYC with Scott Harig & John Campbell, where she is also a current assistant to Scott, and gained her therapeutics training with Dana Slamp of the Prema Therapeutics Institute. Teaching for over four years and practicing for over five, Nasya continues working to bring a fresh, spirited approach to yoga by staying true to traditional philosophies and building strength through creative mindful flows. Always encouraging her students to play with shapes as a means of self discovery, she explores on how to FEEL through collective intention and breath. Breath is everything - allowing you to be present, check in with the mind + body and express your power, your true self.

She believes our bodies were made to move and push passed the limitations of the mind, meaning yoga is for every body. No one person’s pose will look the same and that is the beauty of yoga. We celebrate our differences, connecting to those around us on a deeper level of compassion and understanding. 

Her experience allows her to focus on individual needs, providing modifications when necessary and adjusting classes based off the energetic atmosphere. Nasya hopes each person leaves class with more awareness, more confidence and a lightness to let go + fully release. Always spreading more love + light. 

Mantra: “Leave it better than you found it!”

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