Itsa was introduced to yoga in 2011 in the midst of battling with anger, depression, and anxiety. Yoga became her home, her peace, her love. She wanted to spread yoga to all of those in need of healing, where for its physical, mental, or spiritual benefits. Shortly after, in 2013, she became a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor. Yoga was there to heal her through a car accident in 2015 that fractured her neck. Yoga was there to support her through her first pregnancy.

She became a mom in 2016 to her son Matsi, which encouraged her to take a Mommy & Me course. She has experienced hot yoga, hot Pilates, vinyasa, and yin. And she's an AFAA group exercise instructor. Her goal is to bring balance and peace into your day. Her classes are challenging, yet enjoyable with her calm voice. She is a dedicated student and teacher who is full of compassion and understanding. In our constant search for peace and balance...she knows that life is full of ups and downs and that everyday is a different day on our mats.

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