A Yoga, meditation and mindfulness educator in NYC & the Hudson Valley, Amy is known for her authentic, grounded, and welcoming approach to teaching adults and youth. With more than 14-years experience and certification in the Integral and Anusara methods, Amy shares her extensive skills with students and clients in a wide range of settings – from public schools and colleges, to corporate events, public parks, yoga studios and private homes.

A movement lover and devoted student of the mind-body connection, Amy's teaching is also influenced by complementary modalities like Feldenkrais and functional movement, and a longtime Vipassana meditation practice. Through a holistic blend of asana and mindful movement, breath and meditation, Amy's teaching is an invitation to explore the wisdom and wonder present in every moment, and within each one of us. 

Amy also facilitates movement and mindfulness experiences for group events and conferences and has been leading yoga retreats in the Hudson Valley and internationally since 2011.  

Additionally, Amy was a staff teacher with Lineage Project for seven years, sharing mindfulness practices with vulnerable and incarcerated youth throughout NYC. She has also collaborated with HealthCorps (founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz), The Equity Project Charter School, Amistad Dual Language School, Monroe Academy for Visual Arts & Design, and Howland Public Library to create yoga and mindfulness classes for children, wellness programs for teens, and professional development workshops for educators.  

She believes strongly in the transformative nature of mindfulness practices to nurture and encourage people of all ages to become self-aware, empowered, and engaged human beings.

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