Happy New You 2019

Beauty Vs. Health

Beauty Vs. Health
The battle between ego and change

“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies…how different our ideals of beauty would be.”
Lauren Jauregui

With January comes another season of resolutions to better ourselves. An endless stream of commitments to improve all things body-centric. Before we jump on the resolution bandwagon, what if we look at our real motivations for self-improvement? Of course, most of us would benefit from a little more exercise and little less caloric indulgence but are we really that unhealthy? Or are we being manipulated by the unrealistic image of Madison Avenue beauty and health? A vision designed to tap our inner insecurities around ageing and true wellness. When ultimately, the main goal is to make us feel good about spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the newest products and services we don’t really need, won’t actually use, and oftentimes, don’t even work.

My words are not meant to change your mind about setting goals and healthy living habits. However, they are meant to shine a light on your plans, the true motivations behind them and to encourage you to take a deeper look at their origins. If we took the time to seek and discover our true self, we find ourselves at an advantage – setting realistic goals based on realistic expectations with a better chance of achieving success. Our true self is the innermost part of you not affected by external changes. It is always with you. It is your best and honest self.

External change should not be stopped, but taking the time to learn and discover your true self makes room for acceptance. Without time to self reflect we can find ourselves seeking the past – our old weight and our youthful visage. So my 2019 challenge for you is, as you seek to build your new physique, will you also seek to build a healthy relationship and new commitment to discover – to uncover – your tender, true-hearted, true self?

Your true self is like coming home to your best friend. Can you cultivate a daily practice that will connect you back to your true self, to your best friend, and make this part of your 2019 resolution? Come home to your true self. It’s the hottest, trendiest, newest yet oldest, health fix on the market. Brand new for 2019 and best of all…it’s free.


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