Reiki & Restore + New Moon Ceremony Bundle

September 16, 2020
Sarah S.

Reiki & Restore + New Moon Ceremony Bundle

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Experience a relaxing and healing evening of Reiki & Restore and New Moon Ceremony for the price of one, led by Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher Sarah Brianna.

Reiki & Restore:

A Restorative Yoga class that adds the relaxing and healing power of Reiki. Classic restorative yoga poses create gentle openings bringing the body back to its natural alignment. When the body is supported the muscles relax and open releasing tension and stress. Students will receive hands-on Reiki, a form of energy therapy that enhances the natural healing system. With Reiki, your brain enters an alpha state similar to meditation.

New Moon Ceremony:

The ceremony will start with self-love techniques and energetic healings geared towards calling in what will bring you to the life you have always desired. It will then transition into a guided journey rooted in indigenous teachings to connect you to your own personal power. This manifestation practice will not just empower you, but help you to utilize and harness your own natural healing capabilities. You can expect to leave feeling refreshed and recharged from the inside out.Feel free to bring your crystals, rocks, or any other items you want to cleanse and charge in the space as well as a journal and a pen. This event is for all levels of knowledge and experience. No experience necessary.

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