Prenatal Yoga

Connect with your unborn child, your body and breath.

Open to All

Improve Sleep.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety.

Increase The Strength, Flexibility & Endurance of Muscles Needed For Childbirth.

Decrease Lower Back Pain.


Level: Open to All

Explore the practice of prenatal yoga in a warm, safe, and gentle environment where you will during this unique time in your life. Connect with your unborn child, your body and breath, exercises to support you during pregnancy as you join a supportive community of other expectant mothers.

Benefits of prenatal yoga include:

• Helps tone and strengthen muscles and improves balance, circulation, and flexibility

• Reduces stress and helps alleviate pregnancy discomforts

• Positively enhances the mental and emotional health of the baby & Mom-to-be

• Helps prepare for labor and childbirth, promotes bonding.

We ask that you consult with your doctor or midwife before practicing with us.