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Yoga for Labor & Delivery: Essentials for a Easeful Birth

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When: March 28th, 1 - 4 P.M
Cost: $95

This couples workshop provides instruction on a wide range of simple techniques to achieve calmness, reduce discomfort and facilitate the process of labor. Couples will have ample opportunity to explore and practice techniques while the supporting partner gains confidence in his/her ability to provide practical support and comfort during labor. This workshop is a great “stand-alone” workshop in preparation for labor and delivery but is also a helpful supplement to childbirth education classes. The information gained in this workshop can be used in hospital, birth center or home birth environments and includes material not typically covered in hospital-based classes. Dress comfortably and bring a snack and water.

Kelly Swails, RPYT, CCCE, CEIM, MA
Kelly is an Integral Yoga certified prenatal yoga teacher and trainer, birth doula, childbirth educator and mom of three. Kelly’s goal is to help women connect the the sacredness of pregnancy and labor by developing trust in the body’s ability to give birth and to fully embrace the innate power to grow, nurture and birth babies from that deep maternal place of “knowing”. Kelly has worked with hundreds of pregnant women and couples in yoga centers, and birthing rooms throughout the tri-state area for the past 10 years.

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