What’s in a Name?

A riverstone is a rock that has been transformed by the water’s steady flow to a polished stone, allowing its beauty to emerge naturally; it symbolizes the power and energy of change.

At Riverstone Yoga we strive to awaken and nurture your individual energy, support your changes, and encourage your transformations, naturally.


To empower students to live a vibrant, well balanced and authentic life. We cultivate health mentally, physically and spiritually inspired by the teachings of yoga, meditation, holistic learning, mindfulness in movement, actions and activities.


We are a place of gathering for social, education, physical and mental growth. Enhancing lives through connections, sustainable practices and empowerment personally and collectively. We are a Gateway. We are a New Village Square.


Our business practice thrives on and is rooted in fairness, compassion, right speech and mindful actions. We empower others and ourselves with intelligently designed programs based on well grounded science, holistic practices, and beliefs that foster health, healing, and personal growth. We embody the ideals of excellence in service and abundance in philosophy as we support each other to secure meaningful relationships and lasting trust.

Our Philosophy

We are a supportive community. We love what we do and the students we do it for.

We honor that you come to yoga for infinite reasons. We nurture your journey from the physical practice to the mental challenges.

We are eco-friendly — we believe green is the new black.

We practice JOYOLOGY — the art of living a joyful, authentic life.

We evolve over time, just like a riverstone.


Each instructor is a certified hatha yoga professional. Our teachers are highly respected and well-educated in various styles of yoga. More importantly, they have personalized the practice to incorporate their own studies, and their classes will reflect this dynamic quality. Click here to meet our Instructors.

We are grateful to have won “Best Innovative Yoga Class” in the 2013 Best of Westchester.



October 2016, Riverstone Yoga & Patricia featured in ACMB Westchester  Blog



March 2017, AcroYoga at Riverstone Yoga featured in Westchester Magazine



We are grateful to have won “Best Yoga Studio” and “Best Yoga Teacher” Awards Best of Westchester 2017


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