There is a reason 20 million Americans have fallen in love with yoga

Want to learn or build on the previous session?

In this 4 week series, we will build on what you learned in Yoga for Beginners. We will go deeper into the practice, learn more variations and modifications for old and new postures. This workshop series is perfect for those that participated in the Yoga for Beginners 6-week series, or for anyone who wants to build on the basics they already know. You will continue to learn the ins and outs of postures and how to best come into the pose your own body. You will learn ways to continue to grow and strengthen physically and mentally both on and off the mat. This is an open forum class – questions are encouraged and you – the students – will guide the pace of the class.

Week 1: Building on the Basics
Week 2: Going Deeper
Week 3: Building Strength
Week 4: Growing into Your Practice



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