Sun Jan 14’th 1:30 – 3:30pm

Journeying is a movement, a dance, a traversing of both bought and smooth, hard and easy areas of a path, and transforming. Within the system of the chakras, we can find the same, both ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides to be explored, and evolving from one place of being to the next.

Journey with me (Shawna Emerick) in beginning the exploration into the chakras. What are they? Where are they? How, and why, might they effect how we live our journey? And, how can we harness their power for our good and the world’s good? What are the ways we can do this healing and balancing?

Discover physical asanas, subtle prana energies, mental layers and even spiritual entities, correlating to your chakras through this brief workshop. We will discuss what is a chakra, but also what does each one represent and hold for us? We will follow this with physical prana yoga asana practice using the sounds of the chakras in poses correlating to each chakra. We will conclude with a chakra meditation. All levels invited.

$35 Riverstone Members, $45 Non-Members



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